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Message from Guniangs

2022 was a crazy year for us because there were many things that pushed and stretched us beyond what we thought was possible.

But the year was also unbelievably rewarding in terms of feeling the care from our community of artists, practitioners, neighbours (#waterloostkakis), overseas kakis (friends), audiences and the number of people who have dropped by to gift us their pre-loved goods. Finally, we were also very humbled to have received an Honourable Mention at the global #CreateCOP27 art contest for art responding to the climate crisis. For a space that’s only 38sqm, we’re just grateful to still be part of the arts community after the pandemic – to have space and make space is not something we take for granted.

Moving forward, other than curating an incredible line-up of programmes (e.g. artist-in-residence), we’re so excited to dive deeper into #PracticeGreen. We adopted this hashtag a few years ago because we acknowledge the need for spaces to champion and enact the cultural shift on multiple fronts, while aspiring to be as inclusive as possible – be it in terms of day-to-day living, knowledge-sharing, or experiments in art-making.

Ultimately, our dream is to be a hub for artists (Singapore, Southeast Asia and worldwide) whose practices lie in exciting intersections, and who want to tell stories against the backdrop of the climate crisis.

As we all know, any work that counters the narrative of “short-term growth and maximum efficiency” necessitates valuable time and labour. If our sustainability-related projects resonate with you, your support will enable our artists and arts managers to keep growing their creative efforts!

Our many thanks go out to the people who form the foundation of what Practice Tuckshop stands for. 2023 – we’re ready for you!

The Tuckshop Guniangs (Xiao Ting, Joey, Xin and Leslie)

Power of Practice Tuckshop

Here are the four pillars that guide our work at Practice Tuckshop:

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Extinction Feast